Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cascades Sutherland

Below are photos from our walk to the Cascades Sutherland on Wednesday. Thursday we had decided we were going into town. So we set off to cross the lake around 11am. I really wasn't feeling it that day. We went to the Metro in Cabano, ran our errands and then decided to come back to eat a nice dinner. Well, the wind had other ideas. Crossing the Grand lac Touladis proved to be difficult that day. We had to row and row and row. My companion ended up with a blister, I was grunting along with each paddle for a while. The waves were pretty big, there was even some white squalls and the wind was against us. This was by far the most difficult crossing we did across Grand Lac Touladis. Boy were we glad when we got back to our campsite.
We were sitting right under the Cascades
The bridge to see the Cascades

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