Thursday, September 27, 2012

Motion 312 got defeated!

Canada hasn't had an abortion law since 1988 when the 1969 law was struck down as unconstitutional.  There is no need for an abortion law.  This is an old worn out topic and I'm not sure why people try to keep bringing it back up.

The thing that pisses me off is often anti-abortionists are male. It's easy to decide for others what they can do with their bodies when it's NEVER going to affect them.

The good part is that some conservative MP tried to pass a motion to bring up the debate as to when life starts as a way to bring up the abortion debate and the motion was defeated.  This is good. At least women of reproductive age in Canada are not going to lose the ability to decide for themselves whether or not to get an abortion.

Besides the presence of an abortion law does not prevent abortions. I had an illegal abortion at a Morgantaler clinic in Montreal in 1986, a few years before the law was struck down.

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