Monday, September 10, 2012

Miss some old shows

The past week or two I've been watching Homicide: Life on the streets. I love that show.  When I start watching it again I remember how much I really miss it. There's not other show quite like it. I loved how real the characters were. It was far more realistic then say NCIS;LA.

The music chosen on the show was also really nice. For instance I recognized in one of the episodes one of the Garbage songs I hadn't heard in years and it was neat to remember it. Other music that was played was also a welcome change.

Most of my favorite crime shows are no more. Of those series, City Homicide, Law & Order, the original, Without a Trace, In Plain Sight [Series finished this summer], NY City undercover, NYPD blue and of course Homicide: Life on the streets.

I miss them all.....

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