Thursday, November 30, 2006

Not cool

I still don't have my new laptop, though I ordered it november 14th. This reminds me why I HATE buying things online. I really dont' have the patience to wait like this.

Of course I've had the cover for a week already. Lots of good that does. :P

I can't wait not to use this stupid Compaq presario 700, that hangs the minute it goes it's optimal speed becuase it overheats. UGH.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Obama and Barf

I generally do not care much for politics especially US politics, but yesterday I stumbled into an article where they were mentioning Senator Obama. The article mentioned he could potentially run for President in 2008, so I had to read more about him. Was surprised to see that he was 2nd choice after Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side. What's interesting is that he's multi-ethnic and yet manages to be 'mr. everybody'.

As for BARF, the ' Strong cleaner, well-known in international markets", it was something Debbie ran across shopping last week-end. Apparently lots of people have blogged about BARF. Would you wash your clothes in BARF?

I wonder if my scent-challenged intern washes his clothes in BARF..... Things that make you go "hmmmmm".

What do Obama and Barf have to do with one another? NOTHING. I just happened to read about both last night.

On that note, time to get ready for work......

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No sugar added candies

I'm in love. With no-sugar added candies. I mean I can't eat dozens in one sititng because it's still too much sugar, but I can eat several in one day..

They were on sale at Jean-Coutu yesterday. Bought 5 bags. 2 of the Mint & Cream, 2 of the Strawberry & cream, and 1 of a mixed bag, which also includes, peaches & cream.

Now I have stashes at my desk at work, in my car and at home in the box under my laptop. Should any smoking craving hit me, I'm armed and uh.. sugared...

You still don't want to mess with me... :P

Sigh.. another dentist appointment this morning. Hopefully today is the day I get the caps on my 2 teeth. At least he's not supposed to freeze me today.

Time to make the donuts....

Sunday, November 26, 2006

And overall there was the smell of fried Eggplant.......

Nothing is quite as satisfying. I just can't help myself.

Thankfully I do not take my youngest daughter grocery shopping often. She tends to hide the eggplant and abandon it randomly in the store before I get to the cash register. Not much satisfaction finding out you need another trip to the store minus aformentioned daughter.

Right up there are the Cremi "Mint & Cream" sugar free candies. Quite addictive. Must get another bag. Must try other flavours.

I went to Canadian Tire today. It was an absolute zoo. I didn't really need christmas lights, but I had to check out all the sales. At one point I was trying to get out of this aisle. I must have tried about 8 times to finally be able to get out of the aisle. I was giggling, finding the whole thing so incredibly absurb.

Ever notice that the bigger the sale, the more clients they attract, the more likely they are to block up aisles with huge pyramid-like displays making it imposible to get around with a grocery cart. It makes more sense to park the cart 5 aisles away from where I wanted to be, it was the only way to be able to approach the items I wanted to check out.


I had the bright idea sometime last week, that I might go suprise a friend in Dubai for his birthday, December 1st. Well it did not help that my passport expired November 8th. It did not help either that the US will require passports to anyone entering the US starting late January, so every Canadian, his mother, brother, sister and dog was at the passport office yesterday.

I figured I'd go to the passport office at Fairview, it's even opened on Saturday's and is conviently located in a mall. But I was all shopped out yesterday. I did spend some of my nearly 3 hour wait wandering around the mall, to find lime green mittens to match my ubber-lime green American Eagle outfitters bomber down jacket [It was in liquidation and best of all my size]. I did find a pair of mittens at Winners, but they were not nearly as nice as the ones I picked up last year at Maison Simons that I wore so much, they were falling to shreds.

Sadly in the end all my friend in Dubai will get for his birthday is a package with DVD's. That I mailed out on the 20th of November. I hope it gets there in 10 days... If it is anything like the previous package I sent, it will take it's sweet f........n time.

The fairview passport office does not do rush passports either. So they will issue my passport December 11th, meaning I'll have it oh by my birthday...

Funny I did not expect everyone to gang up and tell me to fly to Dubai on a whim... the person I expected to be the least supportive, Yas, was totally supportive. Of course she added with a mischievious smile, that she, had been to Dubai and if nothing else I should go because it's different.

I cooked up a storm last night. Make a tomato/lentil/vegetable soup and a veggie soup stock for starting other recipes. Of course I had to make some fried eggplant.

Dunno what it is, but ever since Debbie had her first BBQ this summer, been craving fried eggplant. I have it at least every 2 weeks. And yet I've never cared for eggplant. I could not understand why, when I was a child, we had these white curtains in our dining room, with black eggplant shapes in the corners as decoration. My mom MADE these. purposefully with eggplants as decoration. I can't just say she had poor judgement buying curtains...

I was up again at some ungodly hour, and checking for some email from my friend in Dubai. *Sigh* 5 more months.........

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Ordered a laptop from Dell on the 14th of the month and it arrived yesterday. Of course it arrived when I wasn't home so I have to pick it up at lunch.

In the end my gf Debbie and I are going on a major lunch-trip . Stopping first at OEM express to pick up CDR's and DVDR's. Then we stopped at purolator and ended our expedition by stopped bythe Belle PRovice to pick up fries. Mmmmmm fries

Sadly the laptop didn't arrive, just the flaming cover. DAMN!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hyper mind

It's past my bed time and I'm sitting here with my mind going 1000 miles an hour. I spent time doing paperwork after 10, that's a no-no. Brain just seems to wind itself up.. and I feel like I'm racing...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Adding a picture

Yep it is a HP XW9300 that you see in the background. I'm such a geek. :)

I surrender

Everyone I know has a blog somewhere. I figured perhaps it was about time for me to have one too. Besides this is giving me an excuse to procrastinate this morning :)

It's way too early for me to be coherent at the moment, and my cat Pixie is cuddled against me purring up a storm, something I find incredibly comforting.