Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I dislike going to the hairdresser!

I've always disliked going to the hairdresser because I really dislike having my head touched. As a child I used to find it a torture. My mom made two braids in my  hair until I was in 5th grade because my hair would get less messed and I would cry less.  In 5th grade I got my hair cut short and I didn't do that again until I got to college, when I actually got 2-3 perms in a few years.

Then I went back to not going to the hairdresser. For many years I trimmed my own long hair. Since I moved to the West Island of Montreal, the rare times I get a haircut I go to Maison Elysee on Gouin in Roxboro. I've since realized they opened the year I moved here.  So I've been going to see them the past 28 years. In that time I've probably gone 8-10 times. The most was in 2010 when I got my hair cut twice in 6 months!!!!!

One time I went the hairdresser asked me why I came so infrequently. I told her I hate having people touch my hair, but she was ok. She gave me her name. Since then I always ask for Miriam.

I went a few weeks ago, and again I was so thrilled to have Miriam. She tells me she is known in her salon for being the most gentle. Well she is gentle enough for this autistic woman who hates having her hair done to see her at least every other year.

It took a total of 20 minutes to wash, cut and style my hair. It cost me a whole $24.50. [I paid $30 to leave a generous tip as I was delighted with my experience] and I left there with a haircut I like, and I can still put my hair in a ponytail.

Terry was surprised. He took me to the hairdresser and when I came out 20 minutes later, he was like "You're finished??" I've never met a woman who takes so little time at the beauty parlor!

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