Sunday, November 12, 2017

I hold tons of anger towards my biological dad.

Who wouldn't? I mean he tried to kill his 2 and a half year old daughter when she was sleeping!!! What monster does that?

It hit me in the past few days, reading in the newspaper that a woman had been compensated by the Canadian government for the tests done on her mother at the Allen Memorial.  My dad was one of the folks who was used as a guinea pig by the CIA. His name appears in the article about Dr Cameron in Wikipedia. 

Quoted from an article in the New Scientist from 1986
 This is text I found in a book with a google search about my biological dad.  I wonder if the daughter he is noted to be estranged from is me?  I wonder if I can find books that goes more in detail.  And the comment that he couldn't even read anymore... My dad had a high IQ and was offered bursary to go to university as a young man from a poor family because he was gifted.

Here I was thinking all these years he was a monster, when maybe it wasn't all the alcohol but really the stuff he suffered at the Allen memorial that made him try to kill me?

I've spent part of an afternoon watching "The sleep room".

Found an article declassified by the CIA back in 2011, about my dad and what he suffered at the Allan Memorial

Was sent this link as well, for further reading.

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