Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Day 11: Green Bay Beach, BridgeWater, Lunenburg & Crescent Beach

I should have mentioned yesterday that there was tons of blueberry bushes around Risser's beach campground as well as raspberries and blackberries. It was blueberry season and I managed to get enough for 2 breakfasts!
Wild blueberries picked at Risser's Beach Provincial Park

It rained a bit overnight but I had tarped the top of the tent, since it mostly only seems to leak from the top vents in heavy rain, and there was heavy rain planned. I decided to tarp after noticing most of the campers on the other side, further from the ocean had all tarped, so I checked the weather report.

GreenBay Beach near Petite Riviere

It proceeded to rain all day. We went for a drive until around 4pm. We drove up to Petite Riviere General store, and Tam wasn't there due to the rain, we then took the road to go to the water, there is Green Bay beach near Petite Riviere, where we spent an hour walking the beach in rain and finding beach glass.
Greenbay beach at Petite Riviere

Then we  stopped in Bridgewater so I could check out the Atlantic fabrics.

2 fabrics I bought in BridgeWater
We drove to Lunenburg. and had dinner at the Old Fish factory. He had the lobster roll and I can't remember what I had at this point. But the food was delicious.  There's a Fawlty Towers in Lunenburg and the houses are really neat.

Fawlty Towers in Lunenburg

Fawlty Towers in Lunenburg

Boat in Lunenburg harbour

Boat in Lunenburg harbour

On the way back we stopped to check out the shipwreck in Bridgewater. Neither one of us was brave enough to want to take the LaHave cable Ferry that would have saved us 20 minutes between Risser's beach and Lunenburg.

We also stopped to check out Crescent beach but it was still raining.

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