Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Passion of Photography

I was added to the group or joined it years ago, and in the past 6 months I've been getting pleasure posting 1 photo a day on the topic posted. I've followed the rules. Then 2 weeks ago, I can't find the group.

Since my ex husband's uncle is one of the moderators, I asked him what happened to the group, he said nothing. So a week later, I asked if I was blocked maybe. He said yes. Said moderator says I was posting too many photos on the wrong topic.

I was sick the week I was removed. I posted NOTHING the week I was removed.So the one thing that was giving me pleasure on Facebook is now gone. With  no recourse. Lovely eh?  And really what was the guy on?

I'm more upset than I should be, but I HATE HATE HATE being blamed for something I didn't do. It's not fair.

My dad would say life isn't fair. But I'm fed up of the unfairness.

So a giant FUCK YOU to the asshole who removed me for no reason.  Your loss. You won't see my photos anymore. 

So I tried to look on Facebook when the last time I posted to the group - but because I'm BLOCKED I can't search it.  So thankyou facebook from preventing me from defending myself. If I had access to the logs to show what I have posted, then I could prove I did nothing wrong. 

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