Thursday, July 27, 2017

I LOVE Rayon

As fabrics go, many people go on and on about silk, and while I do like silk, my absolute favourite is Rayon. Especially rayon challis. Some varieties are so soft and comfortable I would use them as bed sheets. I'm not even talking bamboo rayon. Just plain rayon.

My favourite is the one I used for the dress below. The texture is absolutely divine.

Of course Rayon comes with it's own challenges, it seems the fabric stretches and grows even when it's a woven.  I've learned to wash my rayon, fold it perfectly and sometimes even iron it, let it sit, then cut it.  AND NEVER RE-CUT thinking it's too big. Fabric may have shifted and if you recut, garment isn't going to fit!

I've been in love with Rayon since I've been a little girl. My favourite pieces of fabric and kerchiefs were made of rayon. I suspect my grandma might have liked rayon too.

Of all the "synthetic' fabrics rayon is my favourite.  It's man made but with natural fibres. It breathes. It feels divine.  Don't tell me that viscose is the same. I've had a few clerks at club tissu trying to tell me that viscose is a form of rayon. Yes.. but not natural fibres. Viscose makes me sweat and stink and feels like nasty polyester. Rayon, is another story. Then there's modal which is also a type of semi synthetic rayon, often used with cotton in my old navy shirts, and that seems ok. Makes for extra soft garments when modal is added.

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