Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 3 - We take the Ferry to Nova Scotia - and meet ASSHOLE CAPE BRETONERS

After last years experience we decided to reserve our ferry ride the night before, just to make sure we'd get on the Ferry from Woods Island to Caribou. We chose the 2:45 crossing figuring it would give us time to slowly make our way to the Ferry.

Near Woods Island Ferry

In the end we ended up at the Ferry around noon, so we asked them if we could move our Ferry ticket to the 1 o'clock Ferry. They put us in the standby line and we got in to the 1pm Ferry.  On the ferry I ran into a woman with a Pitbull called Mira, that she was taking to Mira River :) The lady said she was "Taking Mira to the Mira"

Ferry going in the other direction
We stopped at the Canadian Tire at Port Hawksbury because the cooler fried both 12V plugs in the truck. I suspected since both went out, that it was a fuse and not a fried port. We had debugged the cooler with an electric plug and the cooler was really dead.

The mechanic was super nice and he took a fuse from another place to make the 12V work again. I will have to get that checked next time I go to the mechanics.

 We got to Corney Brook around 5pm and the camping spots were fully booked. So we went back to Cheticamp for dinner. We saw RCMP car there just before the entrance of the park, giving tickets.  That's when I realized that the picnic sites at Grand Falaise was overflow camping.  We considered camping on the beach at Pleasant Bay but when we passed there was a bunch of locals drinking around a fire already.

We ended up at MacIntosh brook and realized that it was also overflow camping. The sad part is that we only noticed the stops on the right side of the road. There were nearly as many spots of the left side of the road.

We setup our tent and were probably asleep by 10:30. Around midnight I started to hear loud talking, singing and general noise. Eventually I had to get up and go to the bathroom after Terry got up to pee. I wandered to the bathrooms next to a kitchen shelter, and noticed that there was 4 people drinking, 3 men and a woman. I figured they were camping too and just having a drink. WHile I was in the bathroom, there was knocking at the woman's bathroom door, I assumed it was a moron letting out some steam.   I finished washed my hands and left pretty quickly, like I tend to do in the midlde of the night.  I heard just as I hit the grass going towards our spot "FUCK, I missed her. She left the bathroom too fast, I couldn't FUCKING SCARE HER".  Which got me to run to my tent.

The noise did not stop. In fact one idiot decided to get into his car and start playing music at a pretty loud volume.  One man nicely said "Could you turn it down, it's almost 2am and I have children trying to sleep". The guy said "no problem" and turned it up as loud as he could. Then he got into his car, and drove about a foot away from each tent a couple of times and then left the campsite tearing off like a bat out of hell in one direction. Came back a few minutes later going in the other direction.

The sad part is THERE IS NO FUCKING CELL RECEPTION THERE!!!  There is also no emergency phone. There is emergency phones about 20 km one way near French Mountain and there is another emergency phone 20 km in another direction. BUT NOTHING AT MACINTOSH BROOK.

Are the Cape Breton folk that live near Cape Breton Highlands National Park so rich that they can afford pissing off and scaring off tourists?

Basically these 4 morons in 2 cars, terrorized about 30 people trying to sleep, some with children between midnight and 2:45 AM. It was about that time when they finally fucked off.

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