Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Vaccines don't cause autism

Let me tell you something. I've been recently told I'm ASD.  I've never had the MMR I already had the measles the day they passed in my class to offer a vaccine. I wasn't fully sick yet, I just had the 'cold symptoms' that first appear before the tell tale rash and fever. They asked me how I felt, I told them, they didn't vaccinate. Three days later I had the measles.

I have had both the measles and the mumps. Both left me with health issues. I spent 1 month in a dark room while I had the measles,  it was the only time I was completely delirious for days, I came very close to death and I've been hyper sensitive to light since.  From my late teens till 3 years ago I wore glasses that were photogrey. The minute I walked outside in the sun, my glasses would go dark. Each time I see an eye doctor I get asked "Do you realize your eyes are really sensitive to light" ... Uh no. Never noticed, she says squinting like a mofo. I have an EPIC crows foot on my forehead from decades of squinting.

The mumps itself wasn't a big problem, but once it was over I couldn't stop vomiting. I remember being taken to the clinic with a bucket.  To this day I have bad motion sickness. To the point sometimes I can't even rock myself or rock in a rocking chair. I make myself motion sick. Before the mumps, I could go to amusement parks, I could be in a car and NOT always be car sick, I used to enjoy using swings and flying high up in the sky. For years after the mumps I would HEAR a swing and it would give me motion sickness!!!!

I don't doubt that vaccines might have negative effects on some people.  I'm highly sensitive or allergic to so many things. However the vaccines I did get probably prevented me from developing other life long side effects from having caught a preventable infectious disease.

Also really, is saying having an autistic child is worse than having a dead child? Some of the diseases we all get vaccinated against have high mortality rates and/or high life long side effects.

As for ASD, I personally don't think it comes from environmental factors. As far as I can tell, and as far as  science seems to tell, ASD appears to be something nature is not taking out of our genes, this means there's a benefit of having people with ASD.  There is an evolutionary advantage for nature to keep the ASD genes in our genome.

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