Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trip to Fabricville and Textile store on Sunnybrooke

On Saturday I met my old work colleage and we went fabric shopping.  We went to the textile place in DDO on Sunnybrooke near Spring Garden. They have beautiful silks for $4 a meter.  I didn't like the texture of the black silk, but loved the purple one.  The store is a cash only place so I knew I would have to go back. They also have cotton voile in about 50 colours for $3 a meter.  So if I need thin cotton for lining or some thin silk I know where to go. 

We also stopped at Fabricville, I got  3 meters of brown fabric to use as a border to a red dragonfly dress. We thought 3 meters seemed a lot, after cutting the border and tie for dress, I had no left overs. Not even to make the lining of the bodice, I had to use the main fabric.  I got some more of the plaid skull flannel since it was still dirt cheap and my bf seems to like it.

I have to go Monday to pick up buttons for my green flamingo nightshirt. Despite the quantity of buttons I have at home, none matched this colour.

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