Monday, January 23, 2017

OEM's what have you done to your Websites????

I've been making budgets for work for years. I am seasoned dealing with OEM websites like Dell, HP and Lenovo. I don't know who they have been hiring to maintain their websites but it's turned to shit.

I couldn't find the HP Z240 model I had put on my sheet unless I look for it on google. Instead of putting their machines in series like they used to, you get about 100 systems listed when you look for a desktop.

And what moron at Dell thought that putting the 3420 and 3620 together in the 3000 series was a good idea. I don't want to find out after completely configuring a system that it is the WRONG fucking system. And the Dell 3420 does not come in Tower form but their websites leads you to think it does. Imagine a purchaser in a regular company that has to buy systems...

I thought it was just me, but everyone else I've talked to, also says it's almost impossible to find anything.  How come the sites were so good in the past and such crap now?

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