Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Breathing tests at the Lakeshore

This morning I was at the Lakeshore at 8:40 for a breathing test at 8:50. They had not told me how demanding it would be and I had not eaten anything, since these days I eat my breakfast when I get to work.

The lady was very nice, apparently she's been doing these tests with people for 12 years. She was calm and very patient.  Ultimately we had to repeat some tests until it was within acceptable standards and repeatable. Reminded me of QA.

It took till 10AM and at the end I was given Ventolin which makes me nauseous and affects my stomach. By the time the tests were done I felt like I had run a fricken marathon.  In two weeks I go back to the Lakeshore to see the respirologist and I suspect he will adjust the medication I am currently taking.

He was right, I have lots of allergies all the time.  That has been my normal for years.  I guess there was a benefit going to the Hospital for pneumonia vs going to the Statcare clinic.

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