Thursday, December 22, 2016

Speak WHITE or suffer the consequences

That seems to be coming a common practice in the US and UK.  Apparently if you speak another language, and people don't understand you, obviously you are saying bad things about them and are a terrorist.

And companies like Delta buy into this garbage. Several Muslims have been kicked off planes because people on the plane are uncomfortable. Seeing that those "MUSLIMS" were doing nothing wrong other than flying while Arab, perhaps it's the people who are uncomfortable who should be pulled off planes. After all they are the ones who are making noise???

I don't understand this mentality of Americans that if you don't speak English, you are obviously saying bad things about them.  It's not all about YOU.  No one cares about YOU. You aren't the center of the Universe despite what you might think.   When an Arabic person calls their mother who only speaks Arabic, they are trying to talk to their mother. Would you call. your mother and talk to her in a language she doesn't understand???   So Adam Saleh was taken off a Delta flight yesterday because some white bitch felt uncomfortable about him speaking to his mother in Arabic. She should have been tossed off the plane with her husband and complaints and stay home next time.   Don't travel if you don't want to meet people who speak other languages. Stay in your own home.

Of course given that Adam Saleh is a prankster it's also possible he fuelled the fact he got kicked off a plane to make a point or to see how far he can go.   Nevertheless other people have been kicked off planes for travelling while Arab.

I live in a French province where people also speak English.  I wonk in a company where people speak all sorts of language. Just around me I hear other then French and English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Russian,  Chinese & Japanese just to name a few.  I have co-workers and interns from all part of the globe and when 2 people meet from the same part of the world they like to communicate in the language of their youth.  I don't feel threatened. I don't feel like they use it to talk behind my back.  I've picked up phrases from all sorts of languages and I find it enriching.

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  1. en anglais c'est speak white ici ces:"en fran├žais s.v.p."


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