Monday, November 21, 2016

Yay Mondays.

Not sure why but this morning I was in formidable shape. I managed  to forget my breakfast in the microwave and my phone in my bedroom.

It sucks because I didn't have breakfast. Usually the nuts in my breakfast keep me going till noon. Instead I had my Waldorf salad at 9 this morning.

I've been using my phone as a stopwatch to do tests in Windows extensively. Today I had to use the clock on another PC. Which means I have to watch time and write it down and notice it when it ends. And do math. GIANT PITA.  Never mind that watching Windows doing mode changes is more boring then watching paint dry. Been watching them all day. I'm almost in a coma.

And of course while it's snowing outside today, the building maintenance decided that it was a great day to heat up my lab at 31 C. I called at 9am.  He told me he just got in. By 1PM nothing had changed, so I got someone else to call. The building maintenance never picked up the phone BUT, the AC is finally back on and the temp is more reasonable at 25C now.

I worked through lunch because after being cooked at 31 for hours, I'm not dressed warmly enough even with a coat to go for a walk outside.

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