Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sami Fruits

My youngest daughter had told me how great Sami fruits was last year.  I hadn't had a chance to go there until recently. She was right. Great prices on produce! I went to the Sami fruits in DDO on du Marche.

I was suitably impressed. People complain that the produce doesnt' keep.  Produce isn't supposed to keep for months. If it does, it's GMO and not necessarily that great.

I find for instance that the fruits and veggies at both Adonis and Mourelatos are cheaper then most other grocery stores, but you have to consume it in the week you are buying it.   It's not such a bad thing. Growing up, fresh produce was just not available in winter.  I spent lots of winters eating only potatoes, carrots and turnips. Fact we can get fresh peppers at Sami fruits for around $1.39 a pound is awesome. I don't expect them to last for more then a week.

I tend to buy tons of produce and cook it right away. Works fine. Even the romaine lettuce I bought at Sami Fruits looked a bit dry when I got it, easily solved. When you get home, you rinse it in cold water and put it right away in the fridge. When we used it last night, it was nice and crispy and not wilted at all.

One of the reviews I read was that their mom wasn't served because she didn't speak Arabic. Don't know what this lady did to annoy the staff, but I've been there twice since Sunday and I don't speak Arabic. The staff was friendly and courteous. Most speak impeccable French. Another complaint was the fact it's a cash business. You can pay with interact for an extra $.25 cents.   Who buys produce on credit?  It hasn't been that long that grocery stores take credit cards. The idea is you shouldn't being indebted yourself buying food.

Sami fruits will now be a stop I do on the way home from work. As I can come home and drive in front. And if I go weekly the produce keeps NO PROBLEM! And they have Lebanese cucumbers.   Terry tried one for the first time yesterday and liked it. I've been telling him for a while that I prefer them because they spoil more slowly then regular cucumbers.

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