Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I'm being Policed

Yes. I'm being policed to death.  He joined a Police Tribute band, so the past week, I've heard way way too much "Every little thing she does" "Roxanne" and "message in the bottle"  I'm not a fan of the Police. While I know most of their popular songs, I'm not a fan. I've never owned anything by the Police, and no Police material has ever been found on a mixed tape of mine.

Not a fan of Sting either. At least the singer in this Tribute band can sing. The one in the Judas Priest one leaves a lot to be desired. Apparently I'm a singer snob. I can thank my mom who submitted me to hours of Opera every fucking Saturday while I grew up. I'm really fussy about singers. Usually if I don't like a band it's most likely because I'm not fond of the singer. Two that come to mind are Bruce Springsteen, and Geddy Lee {I hate his voice with a passion}.

So not this Thursday but next Thursday is his debut as drummer in the Police Tribute and they are playing at Bar St Paul in Old Montreal.

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