Thursday, October 27, 2016

Miso soup

Yesterday I went to the new McGill Superhospital for the first time, on 1001 Decarie. It's BIG! I always get a lot of anxiety going to a new place and this was no different.  We ended up about 20 minutes late too due to the crazy levels of traffic on Decarie that morning. We found the parking, which is excessive. Anything past 90 minutes you are charged for 24 hours, that is $25.

I found that if you enter the building by the front door, volunterrs are really helpful finding your way. However if you come from the parking you can wander around aimlessly for some time before finding the adminssions to get your hospital card done.

Also the receptionist at the chest insitute really seemed to hate her job. Kept grumping at people to will till they are called, but the sign that said to wait was not easily visible. Especially when disoriented and lost from the size of the hospital when it's your first time.

The technician for the sputum test was really nice and once all was done he told me I could now get myself a giant cup of coffee. When I told him it would be tea, we got into a long discussion about tea.

After we were done, since we are near Decarie and Sherbrooke and there's this Korean/Japanese market on Sherbrooke near grand with my favourite MISO soup I made a pit stop and bought 5 packages of each time of the Mishima instant Miso soup. They only carry 2 types of the Mishima Miso soup. The mixed one and the white one. I used to be able to buy this Miso soup in more flavours at March Kim Hoa, but after Shang Tai opened across the street they could not compete.  And while Shang Tai does carry 2 brands of instant Miso soup, one is loaded with both sugar and MSG, the other is GMO but loaded with sugar :(

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