Monday, October 03, 2016

It's not war, It's EXTERMINATION

I'm still pissed at the Assad loving folk who felt the need to tell me that their beloved "Bachar" has not hurt 1 Christian. That it's those torturous rebels that have been killing indiscriminately.

Funny I rarely read reports about the rebels blasting hospitals to smithereens. However the Regime, headed by Bashar Al Assad, is excellent at finding hospitals and destroying them.  His method works awesome. First they bomb some rebel area. Wait an hour, then they bomb the neighbouring hospital. To make sure anyone left alive, any first responder, nurse, doctor or aid is going to get it for intervening. And then if they can, they will find the nearby border or refugee camp where people are fleeing and bomb the crap out of them.

I remember in 2011 and 2012, the folks from Aleppo going on about how Bashar was their hero, that the great Aleppo would not be touched by the war, brought about by the Muslim brotherhood. I wonder how many folks from Aleppo support Assad now? 

The way it looks from the outside, Assad is systematically killing anyone who disagrees with him. My ex used to tell me how dangerous Syria was and I thought at first he was a bit paranoid. In retrospect he was pretty fucking brave to go into that country, considering what could have happened to him.

It's not civil war anymore. It's a war of extermination. Those idiots here in Canada who keep saying, "Why don't those Syrians stay home and fight Assad" - because  most of them know what Assad is capable of, most of them don't want to be forced to go into Assad's Army and any boy of age is immediately conscripted.

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