Saturday, August 13, 2016

Here's wishing things will become easier for my daughter

My eldest has had a busy 2016. For starters, she has been pregnant, then her husband got transferred from Halifax to Ottawa, and of course the move was just a month after the birth of the baby.

The birth was not particularly easy, and the baby was big. And of course then comes the fun of breastfeeding your first baby. While I managed to figure it out, I do distinctly remember that the first month of breast feeding was no picnic. Between the giant hickey I got the first time I ever fed her, and the sores and engorgement I had to navigate through, it took a while to master breastfeeding. Thankfully, usually you navigate through problems with child #1 and after subsequent children are easy to breastfeed. Hell I remember saying to my therapist that most women go through breastfeeding hell the first month with their first born, and if they manage to navigate through it then it's smooth sailing for future children.

While I was bugged about my tiny breasts and that I'd never be able to breastfeed anyone it was never an issue. So in my mind, my daughters who have bigger mammaries were going to have no problems breastfeeding. As it turns out each size might have their own challenges.  My daughter spent the first few weeks afraid she was going to smother her baby while feeding her. I could see it in her eyes. And Madeleine like most babies had to learn to breastfeed and from what I was told had a 'tongue-tie" which made it harder for her to feed. This seems to have disappeared recently as she grew

My daughter started also complaining about feeling a lump. She did all things recommended for that and did not get relief and finally consulted a doctor.  As it turns out it wasn't engorged, but she ended up with an ABSCESS, in her right breast that was 6 cm DEEP and 4 1/2 cm wide. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK??

I've had an abscess in my thigh in my bikini area that started as a boil after shaving. By the time I saw a doctor I needed to have a drain put in it for a week and had to wear skirts until it healed and I still have a scar there.  Here it was probably an ingrown hair that got infected. What the fuck gets infected INSIDE a breast??? Apparently this happens to 3% of women.

She had to have emergency surgery on Saturday, and spent more then 24 hours at the hospital.  She currently has a deep wound in her breast that was measured to be 6 1/2 cm deep.  It has to remain open so it can drain and heal properly so she has to go every other day to see a nurse, recently a deep wound specialist, so that it heals properly and that the oozing crap draining out of her incision does not pour over the baby. That tends to make moms feel very uncomfortable.

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