Friday, August 05, 2016

Day 8: Cape Breton Highlands Provincial Park - Corney Brook

Cheticamp area of Cabot Trail going towards the highlands.
Cheticamp harbour and Eglise St Pierre
Picnic area at Grand Falaise, which was full of campers both Saturday and Sunday morning!

The Atlantic seen from Corney Brooke Campsite on Cabot Trail

Cabot trail along the coast between Cheticamp and Pleasant Bay

Cabot trail along the coast between Cheticamp and Pleasant Bay
On Day 8 we drove from Whycocomagph provincial Park to the self-registering non reservable Corney Brooke campsite. After the problems we had finding a site on the previous week-end, I figured if people have to leave self-checkout sites by 11 am, if we showed up around 11 am we'd get a site. I was correct. We got there around noon, and the most protected against the sun site was available. Site 1. we took it for the next 2 days so we had no issues finding a campsite for both Friday night and Saturday night.

We noticed when we drove down  to visit the next morning that dozens of people were camped at the Grande Falaise picnic area, and not very bright. If you are going to spend the night where you aren't authorized, you pack up your tent by 7am.  We passed around 12:30 pm on Sunday and there was idiots still camped at the Grande Falaise having to discuss why they had a tent there with RCMP!!!

Corney Brooke. The edge of tent is shown on left!

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