Monday, August 08, 2016

Day 11: Meat Cove, and Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Dawn at Meatcove

There were lots of people camping at Meatcove that night.
Lighthouse and Chowder House at Neil's Harbour

Driving down the Scottish side of the Cabot Trail

Near the ferry at Englishtown

Bridge on Bras d'Or Lake

View on Bras d'Or lake

Lighthouse on Bras d'Or lake

Iconic Lick-A-Chick on the highway to Sydney

Exit for Balls creek!
Our tent didn't survive the last night at meatcove. This morning went we took it down we realized that the posts were broken. We had already ducktaped one part, and there were several more breaks. The tent was retired at Meatcove.

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