Monday, July 25, 2016

No Calypso this week-end!

I was hoping to go to the Calypso Water Park on Saturday. But once we looked at the weather Saturday morning, there was risk of Thunderstorms so we decided to stay home.

I figured if it turns out nice we can go to the pool at work in the afternoon. In the end we had thunderstorms from 12:30 to 3 o'clock. We had to be at Terry's mom's for 5ish, so we never went to the pool at all.

I checked with my daughter and she said she'd seen no storms in her area. Then she messaged me a few hours later. Apparently sometime around 4 there was thunderstorms in their area, and people claim to have seen a flash and heard a large bang a bit before the church in St Isidore was noticed to be on fire. It got so bad they ended up evacuating 300 people from the town because they feared the steeple would collapse.  Thankfully Samantha is close to 4 km away from the centre of town, so depending on prevailing winds she might not have been even affected by too much smoke. Which was just as well, Madeleine had been cranky the past 2 days. With the heat and all.

Apparently there was 2 fires that day, the 2nd was a barn fire/

I've always been afraid of thunderstorms, and there's still good reason to be afraid. Lightning kills!

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