Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This twit proudly wears her "Canada" Tshirt

But the Canada she thinks she lives in is NOT my Canada.  This twit thought it was ok to go attack unprovoked a young Muslim woman with a small child in a supermarket!!!!! Why is it that people think it's that someone who looks different from them should be attacked or that they don't belong?

The best I read yesterday was shared by one occupy acquaintance who witnessed it in an IGA in the Pointe yesterday.

Overseen at the IGA:
White woman: Does it get hot like this?
Black man: *shopping*
White woman: *louder and slower* DOES IT... GET HOT LIKE THIS?
Black man: ...Excuse me?
White Woman: *exasperated* Where you're from. You know. AFRICA.
Black man: Ma'am... I'm from Verdun.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I had Haitian neighbours 50 years ago in Montreal North. Blacks are not new arrivals in Montreal or in Canada, the first one visiting came with Samuel de Champlain, and there have been communities formed since the late 1800's in Montreal. 

Same with Muslims, some Lebanese and Syrian Canadians have been in Canada since the late 1800's as well. Canadian Muslims in the past were less likely to be visibly Muslim but the past 10 years more Muslim women have adopted the Hijab.  It never occurs to anyone that some Muslims are born in Canada and some non Arab Canadians can also be Muslims because they decided to convert. 

One of the stupid things I saw yesterday was this Good for the woman to remind this idiot that he's the idiot in this location. 

Similar story shared was a Native American speaking Lakota to someone and being told "THis is the United States of America, speak English" 

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