Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It was like a scene right out of Lucky Luke!

The first time I saw a Turkey Vulture a few years back I was just getting acquainted with how the wings of a bird of prey look. At first I used to confuse them with eagles as their wing span is similarly shaped, but you can always tell them apart because Turkey vultures have paler wings then their bodies. When I first looked it up, I realized that those birds did not used to come as far north as Southern Quebec & Ontario, but now they do. All maps that show their territory show them far more south. But each summer I see more. This time it was creepy. Two trees at a distance overlooking Charleston lake there was 13 - yes count them 13 Turkey vultures. It made me think of Lucky Luke.
There are 7 Turkey Vultures in this tree

There are 6 Turkey Vultures in this tree

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