Thursday, May 19, 2016

Really? Cortana during the install?

Years ago in Windows XP they introduced this stupid like assistant dog and that didn't last very long because it was a giant waste of time.

Not sure why they decided Cortana is so useful. For starters if you have windows 10,  you can't do any search without Cortana popping up. I don't need her. I can google like a champ.

But Microsoft with their infinite wisdom decided that Cortana once you're in the OS isn't good enough. Now with the latest technical preview build 14295,  now they introduce her during the setup.

I can't decide important things like where my display drivers come from anymore. Something that is a major pain in the ass for someone who tests graphics drivers and would prefer testing the beta drivers I'm paid to test instead of uninstalling drivers Microsoft is pushing on me.  But I digress.
Not ready to use Cortana!

So Cortana isn't just a helper it's also a major spy. It will have it's nose into everything and lord knows what it will do with this information. Scary...

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