Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Poop, they discontinued Maxx Scoop!

I went to Canadian Tire two weeks ago and I couldn't find Maxx Scoop. The girl at cash asked me if I found everything I came for, so I told her I didn't find the Maxx scoop. SHe confirmed Canadian Tire no longer carried it. Which bugged me a great deal.

I looked online and found out Purina in their infinite wisdom discontinued the product due to "low sales". Really?  It was the kitty litter you could find at all pet stores, all grocery stores, all Canadian Tires and Walmarts.  If it had such poor sales surely all these retailers would have stopped carrying the brand.

I'm trying another brand, but nothing kept the smell down as well as Maxx Scoop. Not impressed with you PURINA!

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