Thursday, April 21, 2016

Zombies still work at the KFC/Taco Bell in Pierrefonds....

I've blogged and complained about the extra super slow service at the Taco Bell/KFC outlet years ago. Since my bf moved in with me, we stop at their drive-through regularly.  It is slower then molasses in January. I've been thinking they only hire Zombies.

The service is so incredibly slow, that yesterday we were parked in front of the speaker for at least 8 minutes before the queue started moving. There was 5-6 cars, from the window to the speaker. We must have spent 20 minutes waiting in the car. He had time to show me 2 different versions of Judas Priest Painkiller and show me the difference between the drums in the studio version and one of the live versions.

Don't get me wrong, the staff is polite, the order is filled with no mistakes, you even get service with a smile. But slower it's hard to find. The idiot behind us, who didnt' get to order for the first 10 minutes he was in line thought honking might improve things. What a douche!

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