Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The injury that is invisible to the eye.

It's amazing how a broken rib can be so invisible.  If you look at me, walking or moving, I look perfectly fine. Except for the fact that I'm still remodelling a rib. It's been 18 days now since it was fractured but it still hurts when I breathe deeply or when I cough. 

I'm still sleeping most of the night sitting up to relieve pressure on my rib cage. I have all of my mobility but I can't lift anything. When I talked to another coworker who broke a rib a few months ago, he seemed convinced it was not just a hairline but a full break.

I will never know unless I get an X-RAY and there's no way I'm spending 8-10 hours in a hospital waiting room just to find out.

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  1. get a doctor full chek up,would put all your worry behind


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