Thursday, March 31, 2016

Poof and they are gone.

My SO has been talking about bringing his drums home for months. Finally this week he decided he needed them to practice for the Judas Priest Tribute band he's auditioning for in mid April, and found out that his drums are gone. The person who was storing them had a theft in the location where teh drums were and the drums have vanished.

He was pretty upset, he wasn't expecting to have to get himself a complete new kit. At least he's had luck on Kijji. He got the double kick pedal he wanted, and a few pieces....

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Almost healed.

It's been 5-6 weeks and my rib feels much better. Looks like it healed fine, since I don't have any bubbles in my rib cage anywhere.

It still hurts a tiny bit when I have huge coughing fits. which I've been having since I managed to catch the nasty cold my boss had and of course my SO has it too. We cough in harmony some nights.

Today I was able to lift things and not feel pain. Considering how long it took to heal, it was broken not just cracked....

Next time I go to doctor I will mention it and perhaps get xray.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Little Putz

This cat is so high energy. Thank God I have a home with 3 floors. Sometimes he runs from the basement to the top floor and back and I think he would bounce off walls if he wasn't able to run so much.

He's certainly a unique cat, I think his least cat like feature is the fact that he hates being alone. He has to be with someone all the time, a cat, a dog, a human....

Thursday, March 24, 2016


The song that's been stuck in my head the past few days is one of the hardest songs to play on the drums. My sweetie is currently learning it on the drums, so has been playing it a lot and it's been getting stuck in my head.

I've realized that the reason I never got much into this band is I really don't care much for male singers that sing with high voices. The one I hate the most is Geddy Lee from Rush.  His singing is like nails on chalkboard.  I've realized that I can listen to 3-4 Judas Priest songs and then the voice gets to me. Rush I can stand one on a good day. 

It's funny that the first 3-4 times I listened to this song, I focused so much on the drum parts that I never noticed how much I liked the guitar. It's weird for me to hyper focus on the drums.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Poor little french Politician.

We were visited in Quebec by a French politician of extreme right. I was pleased that no one in Quebec really wanted to meet her.

She's a bigot and a racist.  She's going on and on about how our multiculturalism will be the death of our nation.  Well that's her opinion. What she fails to realize is that this country was build on immigrants and refugees. We are NOT an homogeneous white country. We are a country that had multiple founding nations and that also includes a vibrant indigenous community.

We are not post colonial Europe.  It blows my mind that all those close-minded Europeans are all upset that migrants from Africa and the middle-east are at their door. However when they were actively colonizing all those nations and stealing as much resources as they can, they didn't seem to find it such a big deal. Well what did you think would happen?  You've destroyed their country and their lives and now they are at your door asking you to help.

It blows my mind that white folks in Europe want to ship all the refugees home. Well perhaps if you want to send people home you shouldn't destroy their homes ....?

This policy that the EU has adopted to return refugees to Turkey in exchange for "real refugees" vetted by the UN is moronic. People are already there......

Also it's sad that half of those refugee camps in Europe are mostly DETENTION CENTERS.  I really hope that the people who decide these sub human policies are never stuck being refugees themselves.....

Once last note.... the anti-Muslim retoric must stop. We don't condemn all catholics for the pedophine priests, we don't condemn all Christians for the KKK... why blame all Muslims for DAESH?

Monday, March 14, 2016

Kitties and fabrics OH MY!

Little putz checking out the lace and merino wool

Ziva finds peace on my fabric

Ziva and Toby decide it makes a good ring
Decided to fight on fabric

Toby wants to help redraft a bodice

Sunday, March 13, 2016

I broke it again!

I keep dropping the stupid lenovo laptop, and this stupid laptop came with a SQUARE PLUG that breaks every fucking time the laptop falls. Time to order yet another.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The injury that is invisible to the eye.

It's amazing how a broken rib can be so invisible.  If you look at me, walking or moving, I look perfectly fine. Except for the fact that I'm still remodelling a rib. It's been 18 days now since it was fractured but it still hurts when I breathe deeply or when I cough. 

I'm still sleeping most of the night sitting up to relieve pressure on my rib cage. I have all of my mobility but I can't lift anything. When I talked to another coworker who broke a rib a few months ago, he seemed convinced it was not just a hairline but a full break.

I will never know unless I get an X-RAY and there's no way I'm spending 8-10 hours in a hospital waiting room just to find out.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Happy International's woman's day!

This plant showed up on my desk today. One of the guys in my office has been giving me plants each international woman's day for years.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Pregnancy wear

I made my daughter some clothes.The first is a maternity shirt that wraps the belly

You need to roll both sides like bandages to put it on

Hemming the shirt.
My daughter sporting the shirt

Working on maternity/nursing shirt
That's my grand-daughter Madeleine in that belly!

Check out her beautiful glow :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Broken Bones

Apparently I do have a fairly high tolerance to pain. It seems that up to today I've broken 3  bones in my body. The first I broke  in my teens. I remember it happening, it was a sledding accident where I hurt my tail bone. I was never seen by a doctor and this injury is probably what causes my back to get completely thrown. Where my back swells is around the tailbone.  My bf works as a patient attendant in hospitals and does have some basic anatomy. He pointed out my tailbone was weird. One side appears different. He isn't the first to point out my tailbone is weird.

My second broken bone, is my 4rth toe on the right foot, that was severely bruised when I kicked a trashcan in anger after a fight with husband #2.  That toe feels different from the left 4rth toe. 

Last week I was off on vacation all week. Sadly before I even got to Monday, I'd managed to get a hairline fracture on an upper rib on my left side.  I spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mostly in bed feeling very sore. Didn't conclude it was a rib until a week later,  Monday morning, and when I looked up bruised or broken ribs, it explains all my symptoms. I figured it was either a bruise or hairline fracture, but as it turns out, if I'd just been bruised, I wouldn't have spent 3 days in bed. I know it's not broken because you'd feel movement on the broken area. I figure it's a hairline fracture because I have osteoporosis and my bones are Swiss cheese.

The only thing I wished I'd known it was broken before this Monday, since it had been broken 9 days by then. Yep broke the damn thing on 20th of February. The hardest part was sleeping. Lying down to sleep is very painful. Some nights it was taking up to an hour to stop feeling the pain and finally be able to sleep. Never mine having ANY kind of weight on me, then the pain was agonizing. The past few nights I've been sleeping on an angle, and I'm actually getting some sleep.

All 3 of these fractures are the type that doctors can't do much for. They have to heal on their own. The only thing a medical doctor could do more for me is prescribe painkillers, but to be honest, over the counter ones do nothing and ones that would, I don't need to take and get addicted.

However I'm really looking forward to being healed. It's really not pleasant to spend weeks in pain.