Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Uninmpressed with both WalMart and RCA

In their infinite wisdom, Walmart is selling RCA tablets that come equipped with power adapters that are not available in the country they are sold in.  He bought Zoey a tablet at Walmart in Canada for Christmas, and within 2 days the power adapter had already melted.

Now a month later, the power adapter does not work anymore.  It will not charge the tablet. I spent 2 days, went to 4 different stores looking for a power adapter for her tablet and no luck.   I went to Acess Electronique in DDO, and the guy said when he got a 5V adapter in to bring in her tablet, because he'd have to change the end to the barrel connector of her tablet.

I can find adapters for other RCA tablets on Amazon.ca but not for HER tablet. She has a 10" Viking, model  RCT6303W87.  Doing a google search only enabled us to find a compatible adapter but only available from the US.

Walmart does not sell power adapters for the RCA tablet.  RCA doesn't appear to sell adapters either. Yesterday, he spent 30 minutes on the phone with an RCA customer support. I could not believe the nerve of the guy asking us if we tried another power source.   IF we COULD FIND ONE maybe we would have, but we CAN"T.  Then we spent another 30 minutes filling out a form on their website, then we got an email saying we'd be contacted in a few days with instructions on RMA.

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