Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Things people do to their homes.

When I moved into my house back in 2000,  I noticed that 80% of the telephone plugs in the house were left hanging with just wires. My impression was that the guy must have had a security system that he removed, and he did not bother putting back phone jacks. I took the time and installed phone jacks. I did not check the wiring.

Now 15 years later, my phone doesn't work and the Bell guy claims the short is in my house. Despite the fact that we have not touched anything in my house. No flooding either. Not sure how a short happens when nothing touches.

However he was nice enough to ensure that the main phone line in the kitchen, the plug works as well as the one phone line in the basement where all the internet is connected.

So I have service coming into the house and reaching 2 plugs.  To debug the rest of the house would have been expensive and really I don't have the money to spend on that.

Not impressed with the guy who wired my house all weird. And when I say that I mean it.  When I moved in there was a 2 plug Power plug sitting under a water faucet.  It scared the fuck out of me. You never have water and electricity overlap.. like WTF?????

So my internet should be less flaky now and I have exactly ONE phone line that works. Not even sure if I will put answering machine back on.

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