Friday, February 05, 2016

The child was estactic.

I blogged a few days ago how unimpressed I was with both Walmart and RCA. 

My opinion of RCA has changed. Kudos on their great customer service. So the tablet's power supply stopped working late Saturday night for Zoey.  We looked for one on Sunday and Monday. We also called RCA customer service on Monday, as well as filled out an RMA form on their website the same day. On Tuesday we got an email confirming the RMA had been approved and we would receive a tablet within 14 days.

Yesterday the tablet arrived via UPS, and we just need to put the defective one back in the box, call UPS and they will pick it up from the door. So let's recap, child had dead adapter Saturday, we RMA'ed on Monday, child had tablet in her hands Thursday night.

On top of it, they sent us the model with twice the Ram, We also noticed that the power adapter of the new tablet seems substantially more robust, so we hope the tablet will survive at least till next Christmas.
Melted Power Adapter

Old melted adapter vs the Adapter that came with new tablet.

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