Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Special place in hell

I believe there should be a special place in hell reserved for those people who think packaging everything in this molded plastic is a good idea. For starters the plastic is either too rigid or too thick to rip along the dotted line. Half of the time the plastic just breaks in half and risking cutting you. IF you manage to pull all of the tab off, then you have to try to go dig into the packaging to lift the paper up, and then try to get to the adapter packaged in more plastic.

Every single time I buy ACCELL adaptors I end up cutting all my hands and it's a miserable experience. I received 24 adapters that I need to get out of the packaging and then put a pink label on. I've only done 3. My poor poor hands. Also to the morons who design this packaging, how about the environment?

The company I work for now only uses cardboard boxes and they use cardboard inserts to protect the product from moving. Large manufacturers of monitors and computers are also moving in that direction, so what gives with this crappy plastic packaging that creates tons of waste?
Hard to rip the damn plastic without hurting your hands
Looks easy, but the plastic keeps breaking and not along the dotted line..

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