Thursday, January 28, 2016

It was just one of those days.

My sweetie works night shifts at the hospital, and usually when he does he goes to sleep when he gets home and I call him around 2PM to wake him up so he can go get Zoey at school.

Yesterday like usual I started to call at 2:00PM, By 2:13 PM he hadn't answered and instead of the phone ringing now it was going to voice mail. So I tried my house line. Seems my house line is hosed. It's acting like it's off the hook. Looked last night, could not find a phone off the hoook. Can explain why internet has been flakier then baklava the past week. Maybe my house line has been chewed by the fucking squirrels again.

I messaged him a few times, via email, with messages like "Please call if you are awake, as I cannot reach you".  And the last one around 2:25 was "I'm coming to wake you up, please advise if you are awake"

I had Julia drive me home and when I got home, saw my truck in driveway and felt the hood. I knew he was asleep. Ran in, didn't even take my boots off, ran to wake him up. The look of horror on his face when he saw me because he knew  I'm not supposed to be home. It was 2:45 by then, and he flew out to get Zoey.

I knew if I could not reach him by phone that neither could Zoey and I didn't want her to feel like she was forgotten.Yep his phone had died. It had recorded that I called him 16 times. I had also sent 3 emails and even Julia had texted him. Zoey had also tried to call him 11 times. 

Much thanks to Julia who took time out of her busy day to drive me home.. 

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