Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I'd like to wash my hair today...

I've been liking Jason products for hair care in the past few months. It started with the tea tree oil shampoo for my dry  scalp then I picked up some for long hair that was epically delicious smelling, and he loved it for his long hair so we're trying out the different Jason hair products.

So last week I stopped at Tau to pick some up since they carry all the other Jason products and could not find Shampoo or conditioner so I asked staff, and got told "Oh Jason products for hair are special order". So I told my SO we were going elsewhere to buy shampoo. So the clerk at Tau runs after me and says "M'mam, Please let me take your special order of Shampoo", to which I responded "I'd like to wash my hair today, not next week". That made my bf giggle big time.

I can find the Jason Shampoo at Bulk Barn and at HealthTree. The only reason we went to Tau is that they didn't have the long hair version we wanted at Healthtree, but we ended up getting a different set at Bulk Barn.

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