Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fabrics Galore

I must say, The Club Tissu in St Hubert, on the South shore of  Montreal is something else It doesn't compare to the one in Laval. I spent $215 on fabrics, and bought 21 metres. So roughly $10 per metre.

However 2 fabrics were expensive, the dragonfly batik @ $15 a metre and the red bamboo rayon print,which was $17 a metre.  That means $85 was spent on 2 pieces of fabric or 5 metres..   Another way to look at it is that I left with 10 pieces of fabric. All those fabrics not for babies will make 1 item of clothes and baby fabrics may make 2 - 3 pieces of clothes. So for $215 I will be able to make probably around 15 different garments. I had picked up 2 fabrics at the Club Tissu in Laval on Friday. A green with flowers quilting cotton, and a flowery rayon knit.

Bamboo knit
Dragonfly batik
Quilting cotton @ $5 a metre

Quilting cotton @ $5 a metre
Rayon knit half price
Merino wool knit - some pinkish red solid print

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