Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why should men do all the regulating.

In America men seem to want more and more control over women's bodies and reproductive rights. SOme of the laws in place to get an abortion in some states is sheer folly.

So in that spirit one lawmaker wants to regulate men's erections. Why not. They can decide if I can have a child or not, perhaps we can decide if they are allowed meds to get boners.

I love all the stupid rules this woman wants to make. Should wake up some men to make them realize that if they don't want their bodies regulated, perhaps they should stop regulating women's bodies?  I especially like the lawmaker who suggests all men who want boner pills have a mandatory rectal exam prior to any prescriptions.  I also like the idea that they have to wait for a few months, you know, just in case they might change their minds.....

While free access to safe abortions should be available to all women all over the world, I don't really think that easy access to Viagra is that important. After all I wonder how many men use it to rape or have non consensual sex?

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