Monday, December 28, 2015

MicMac Mall.

So today we went to MicMac  mall in Dartmouth. I had been to another mall on the 27th in Halifax and had found jeans at Bootleggers that I liked but they didn't have my size. The other Bootlegger store in Nova Scotia was at MicMac mall.

I did find the Silver jeans in the Tuesday fit, low rise boot cut, and they fit superbly. I absolutely love them. This cut is made for women who aren't very curvy.  Fits amazing on me. Thankfully they are low-rise, so I can fit in a size 24.  I haven't had a 24 waist since I was 24 before I had my kids. However I have the butt & thighs of a woman with a size 24 waist it seems.  I'd been mostly buying American Eagle jeans, but at size 0 they fit my hips, but my thighs are a bit loose. 

Also while I was at MicMac mall, a Muslim woman [I only saw a handful in Nova Scotia] complimented me on the dress I was wearing and quickly disappeared into the crowd before I could thank her and say I made the dress myself.

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