Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I have the most awesome daughters!

As I age and mature I feel better inside my head, but I still struggle with my past. It was refreshing to spend time with my 2 daughters during the Christmas break.

For starters I have 2 beautiful, intelligent, independent and articulate daughters that are totally awesome. I love the fact they have a beautiful friendship. I've never had siblings, and sometimes I envy the relationship my daughters have with each other. It's cute to watch them talk back to one another or even bicker like an old married couple. It's sweet how they help each other out and how they treat one another. I watched Samantha teach Isabelle how to make cookies.

Both in their late 20's they are reasonably well-adjusted and pretty autonomous. Samantha's few years full time in the military helped her grow into the young woman she is, and the two years Izzy spend in London definitely had a huge impact on who she is today.

While I know I had a big impact, being at home full time for 6 years with the girls when they were little, I also know that their dad, his wife Sylvie, and even some of my long term friends like Debbie also had an influence  on the people they became today.

I'm very proud of both of my daughters and admire both of them and of course I love them equally because they are equally as awesome! 

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