Thursday, December 31, 2015

Boot Shopping

My step daughter's feet apparently grew a lot in 2015, her boots from last winter were women's 6, though how she still could get them on her feet remains a mystery to me

I had promised her dad that I'd take her winter boot shopping, which is no small feet for an 11 year old who wears women's size 11!

Before going anywhere I'd done some research, checked out all places to get woman's winter boots inexpensively. Women's boots are always $50 more then children's boots. The other difficulty is that in some brands, the biggest size is 10. Normally he goes to Walmart, but I checked, women's boots at Walmart don't seem to go beyond size 10!

I ended up taking her to Globo shoes first because they claimed they had boots that went to size 11 & 12 in some women's models, and secondly they were having a big boxing day sale, so I figured I'd get away with getting her boots between $50-$100.

I was lucky, the 2nd pair of boots she tried on, a women's 11, fit her, and bonus, they were purple which she claims is currently her favourite colour.   Took about 10 minutes for the whole process. Once I'd established she wanted the boots, we went to the cash and she tells me "Wow, this turned out to be a lot simpler then I'd imagined"  Or maybe it was "This turned out to be far less painful then I had anticipated" Either way it had me giggle.

Sure I'd done research and had decided that for the first time I took her shopping to get her something that it would be short and quick, but the fact it turned out that way, bonus!

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