Monday, November 23, 2015

Welcome to Canada....

It's sad. Most people forget that as Canadians most of us are immigrants or the children of immigrants. Unless your family is native American or aboriginal, you or your family came here as a new comer at some point. I think it's particularly hypocritical to say that you don't want any more new comers to Canada. Especially not some that are fleeing conflict. I bet you more then half of this country are descendent of immigrants, or even refugees.  Did YOUR family come to Canada to cause terrorism? No. Well then why assume others do as well?

I have an employee at work that migrated to Canada some 20 years ago. He fears the Syrian refugees. He said that when he chose to come here, he chose Canada because he shared the values of this country.  I'm not sure why  he thinks Syrian refugees don't share the values of this country. Most of the ones in refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq, are middle class folks, who left Syria when it became unsafe to live with their family. Most of those with enough money resettled elsewhere then in Syria but those who just had enough money to leave, end up in refugee camps across the region and they no longer have a home to go to.

These are people that were not poor or uneducated. They know there is a better world out there for them and their children and pray every day in hopes that one country will take them in. Those who had more money are the ones who made the perilous journey to Europe, to help their case along. Waiting for years in a refugee camp in hopes you might find a home is not good. THIS is what encourages fundamentalism and terror. The thought that you are unwelcome EVERYWHERE.

Trudeau's promise to take in 25000 Syrian refugees before the year is over, is under way. They are focusing right now on bringing families, orphans and single mothers with children.  That is, they will not be bringing in single men for the time being.  This is obviously a compromise to appease those that say that we are going to be letting in ISIS in the midst of the refugees. I believe the single men will be screened more vigorously so it may take more time for Canada to be bringing them in.

From all I've read all the terror I've witnessed or lived through in Montreal [Mainly the FLQ in my childhood], was perpetrated by locals. By French Quebecois.  If I'm afraid of anyone it's of those of my own background. The French Quebecois. 

Personally I am welcoming Syrians to Montreal. May they find peace and humanity in Montreal.

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