Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Windows 10 - build 10586 also known as 1511 because it was released November 15th, is causing me endless grief. I have yet to figure out how to disable windows 10 pushing display drivers continuously.  If each time I boot into an OS I get forced a WHQL driver, it makes my job of testing drivers before they get certified really difficult.

I used to be able to turn off forced driver updates using this dialog below. That is a screen capture from Windows 10 - build 10240 - The release of a few months ago.

This is the dialog of Windows 10 - 10586, known as 1511.   So far since installing it a hour ago, I have removed the display drivers from the device manager 5 times. I'm not sure how to configure it to stop getting device drivers installed automatically.

I've googled this morning. All I can find to turn off device driver updates is the dialog from the release of Windows 10. No one says what to do with this new build.

If you know PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT how to do it. Thanks.

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