Monday, November 16, 2015

First it was south Beirut, then it was Baghdad... and then it was Paris

Most of the people I know in the Western world didn't even notice that Beirut came first. That ISIS claimed responsibility for killing SHIA's in both South Beirut and in Baghdad. ISIS think they are Sunni ... they are desecrating ISLAM and all it stands for! I bet Mohamed {PBUH] is rolling in his grave seeing what these imbeciles are doing in the name of Islam!

It was only when around 100 people died in Paris that ISIS came up on people's radar and infuriated them.

Just because Beirut is bombed on a regular basis by factions, doesn't mean that people should care less. Oh wait. There was no Americans, no white Europeans I guess that were killed in the bombing. I guess that means it doesn't matter. People forget that while Lebanon is in the middle east about half of the country is not Muslim. There are 18 official religions in Lebanon, and that includes many forms of Christianity.

It also pisses me off that now people are comparing ISIS to the billions of peaceful Muslims who would not hurt a fly. How about we say all Christians are like WestBoro baptists.   I'm being nice. Other people are saying... Oh you want to compare all Muslims to ISIS, let's compare all Christians to the Klu Klux Klan!

It's sad, and scary that in 2015, we still have to bomb the fuck out of one another.   Personally I think we should make illegal all arms dealers. Weapons should be made illegal. Companies that make weapons should be criminalized. I'm sure it would be amazing how quickly people learned to get along if they realized they could no longer blast the fuck out of one another.

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