Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Embarrased by some Canadians

It's happened before the elections. One unlucky mother in Montreal got attacked walking to pick up her children from school. While police were reluctant to call it a hate crime, I'm not sure what else it was.

A few days ago a similar incident occurred in Toronto. A mother was walking to pick up her child from school when she was brutally attacked.

What pisses me off is that WHITE CANADIAN ABLE YOUNG MEN think it is ok to attack lone women JUST because they are wearing a piece of cloth on their head.  And really if you think Islam is a fucking threat, do you really think beating up a lone single woman with a fucking headscarf is going to prevent terrorist attacks. Only cowards attack unarmed women. Only big time cowards and the ignorant join together to beat up some innocent unarmed person based purely on what she is wearing or even her skin colour or her perceived differences.

This is not the Canada I want to live in. Where mothers get attacked on the street for the perceived notion she is dangerous. I am deeply ashamed that it had to happen.

I'm also deeply ashamed by those who say to keep the Syrians at home. That allowing Syrian refugees will somehow bring terrorism to Canada. Get a grip, we have all sorts of homegrown fucking terrorists. The assholes who killed the 2 Canadian armed forces officer, the one in Ottawa, and the one in St Jean sur le Richelieu were not refugees.

Most of the Syrian refugees that Canada want to resettle are currently living in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. They were generally educated middle class people who saw the signs on the wall about the revolution back in 2012 and left to survive. If they wanted to create terror they would have stayed in Syria and joined either Bashar's army or any of the dozen factions including ISIS to fight.

If they have been in refugee camps, it's because they want security and to be out of a war zone, if they'd been rich, they would have relocated elsewhere in the world then in a refugee camp.  Most of these people will integrate into Canadian society like the Syrian and Lebanese that came before them. The first wave of Syrians came before the first world war. The 2nd wave came after the 2nd world war. Of course then there is the wave of Lebanese that came during the civil war in Lebanon.  All these people have become part of Quebec fabric and Canadian society. The sheer number of Falafel shops in Montreal is a testament to this!

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