Saturday, October 10, 2015

Solidarity with all our Canadian sisters -


Hey Harper, do I matter now?

Indigenous women are fighting for the right to be safe and in control of our own bodies, and instead of launching an inquiry to uncover the systemic racism that caused an epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women, Harper attacks our Muslim sisters for what they choose to wear.

PM Harper, it's my body, my clothing, and MY decision. You will not distract me from issues that actually matter to me as a Canadian.

In solidarity with our Muslim sisters.

Thank you Lena Aittauq and Karen Kabloona for launching this social media campaign.

#doimatternow #MMIW #deadcat #cdnpoli #elxn2015 #elxn42 #polcan
My friends feel free to take your own pics and post with the #doimatternow hashtag!

Post updated:

p.s. I hope our current MP Leona Aglukkaq takes note of this campaign and pushes for an inquiry.

p.p.s. My friends, please VOTE. Even if you don't like any of the candidates, even if you don't know who to vote for. The only way politicians at the national level will actually care about indigenous issues is if there are votes at stake. They won't bother to do anything for us if it doesn't win them any votes no matter what they do. Voting by eenie meenie miney moe is better than not voting at all.

Refusing to vote is not protest, it's giving up!
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Alethea Arnaquq-Baril 

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