Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ottawa is just boring....

I don't know who writes the ads for Ontario Travelnet, but it looks like they never leave home.

I got an email with this title "Spend a weekend rediscovering edgy Ottawa‏"

On what planet is Ottawa EDGY? It's one of the most boring cities in all of Canada. You can watch the sidewalks roll up by midnight. Anyone knows if you want to party you cross over to Quebec.

Other then being boring, it's one of the most policed cities in Canada, because it's the capital and we have all these ambassadors and dignitaries that live there. Hell good luck trying to drive to the US embassy in Ottawa. It's like a fortress that can't be accessed except by foot and they see you coming a mile away.

The only reason I go to Ottawa is to visit friends or take tourists. My favourite spot in Ottawa is the science and technology museum. There's also the Goth store that used to be in the Rideau Centre but moved a few blocks away, Trivium.  Other then that I'd be happy never going to Ottawa again. 

My ass is far more EDGY then Ottawa can ever dream to be. I wonder if the person who wrote this ad ever left Ontario in their life....

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