Thursday, October 08, 2015

Of course my hardware is bad. There is nothing wrong with your code, oh Mighty Engineer!!!!

I was put on a new project at work so I'm working with people that I've not worked with before. The engineer in charge of the team worked with my daughter's dad, back in the 90's and he's never worked with me.

I found a really nasty bug that kept crashing the setup and was preventing me from doing much productive testing. I documented it.  One of the programmers came to see me but didn't see anything obvious at first. Then his boss came around, and had the balls to say "Since you are the only one who seems to have this issue, are you sure your hard disk is good?"

I bit my tongue to not respond "Oh? Is the big boss giving everyone on a new project new hard drives?" 

I went home pissed. The next morning I made a point of reproducing the crash on 2 other setups. I even asked my boss if I should take a brand new drive to install an OS to prove the point. He said not to go crazy!

Yesterday the programmer in charge of debugging came to my machine to debug the problem. After all was said and done, he tells me not to use the features I used to crash the application and that I found a really big issue, one that has been missed the past 6-9 months this application has been tested.

Just because no one else had found the issue does not make my hardware defective. I hope he's learned that his statement about my hardware made him look like a pompous ass!

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