Thursday, October 15, 2015

New fabrics to sew...oh my

One of my friends went to New York City for the Thanksgiving week-end and brought me back some fabric. All the fabrics shown except for the red bottom left and teal bottom right come from NYC. 

The two Navajo prints are cotton knits, the other fabrics are stretch sateens. Best of both worlds, a cotton fabric with a bit of stretch. Woot.  The two teal pieces are both Rayon knits. Ièm not crazy about the shiny sheen on the darker knit, but it seems it might make a spectacular evening dress. 

Tonight I wash all this fabric. Last night I could just look at it in awe Note the two fabrics that didn't come from NYC were picked up at Fabricville at lunch yesterday. The teal I'd been thinking about since Saturday. The red sateen, I knew would match the red printed sateen, so I had to have it, especially at buy 1 metre get 2 free. Usually can make a dress in 2 metres. The extra meter can be used for accents for another dress.

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